Throughout generations telecommunication has improved greatly with the recent rollout of 5G communication. Telcos and MNOs worldwide have been automating cell tower inspection to boost efficiency with better data capture and data analytics. DroneServ provides on-site inspection with a long-term application in helping you improve your cell towers. No need for complex labor jobs and risks when drones can do it for you.

DroneServ can provide quality data analytics with high resolution images and videos for your inspection needs. To top it all off, we provide a quality inspection report of your infrastructure to fulfill your inspection needs.


Drones have been conducting inspections in the Oil and Gas Industries which has proved to be a cost-effective, flexible and efficient way in carrying out tasks. DroneServ offers remote monitoring and surveillance with its fleet of Drones along with close-range, non-destructive inspection and evaluation of pipelines, exterior surfaces, sub-surfaces of storage tanks and vessels with quality data analytics with emergency response management capabilities in case of critical situations.

Our drones can provide this data in real time to ground control units using IoT based or long-range RF data-links where needed. Drones can be used in methane detection and management using state-of-the-art sensing technologies where needed. Request a demonstration with DroneServ to find out more!


Drone Inspections have proved to be a valuable method of inspection by saving time, costs and labor risks. DroneServ with high resolution daylight and thermal infra-red cameras can carry out quality inspections for wind turbine blades in detecting cracks, deformities and damages to the overall structure.

DroneServ offers on-site rotor blade inspection with quality data analytics, a high-resolution video with directed camera angles and an inspection report indicating the overall health of the blades and the tower structure.


Conventional methods of Solar Panel inspection have been updated with the increasing use of Drone Technology using thermal infra-red sensing in detecting defects and hot spots that are not visible to the naked eye. DroneServ helps you save time and costs in surveying your solar farms in picking out the ineffective odd panels in an array of solar systems.
Drone-Serv offers on-site solar farm inspection with quality data analytics, high-resolution videos with an inspection report showing the overall health of the solar farms created by our experts in the field.

Drone-Serv offers on-site solar farm inspection with quality data analytics, high-resolution videos with an inspection report showing the overall health of the solar farms created by our experts in the field.


With development projects on the rise, managing construction resources and assets can be a hassle and costly with conventional methods. Through aerial imaging and stitching multiple aerial shots together, drone imagery can be used to create a site map of your lands. DroneServ further provides quality data such as determining the area of a surface wall / roof or even measuring the volume of land fills with accurate elevation heights. DroneServ offers on-site inspections of your land with high resolution maps containing cm level geospatial precision and a well-documented report of your lands.


Across the mining industry, drones are demonstrating exceptional results by enabling large area data collection, enhancing safety, and improving productivity. DroneServ is offering mining companies its drones for underground mines to inspect deep underground shafts. Our drones can further be used for inspecting mining equipment which requires a highly skilled workforce. Furthermore, we enable mining companies to generate aerial terrain models of inventory. Effective management of stockpiles could yield significant benefits for mining companies such as grade maximization by blending of ore, production backup during situation of supply disruptions, and financial reporting.

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